About Dave Ramos

Dave Ramos is a professional wedding and portrait photographer based out of Amarillo, TX

Over 100 Weddings Captured. Countless portraits sessions captured.

“I am so blessed to do what I do – I get to share in the greatest moments of people’s lives, capturing them at the top of their mountain, so that when they find themselves in the valley, they can look back at the images and remember the greatness they possess.” -Dave

If you ask Dave what he loves best about what he does, his response wouldn’t be the type of gear he uses or the thrill of creating art. It would be the people he gets to meet.

Dave Ramos loves to bring this passion and philosophy to his work. He sees portraits and weddings as beautiful stories, classically written and complete with the unlikely heroes and tales of heroic efforts to overcome obstacles. This photo-journalistic approach along with his portraiture style manages to evoke emotion and passion.

Dave has been shooting weddings and portraits for over five years. He lives for his beautiful wife, Iris, his daughter, Natalie, and son, Josiah. He also enjoys serving at his local church, playing guitar and is kind of obsessed with coffee.