Shyanne > Birthday Portraits

What a fun photo session! Shyanne celebrated her 12th birthday with a photo shoot with friends. The paint party proved to be a surprise for her friends, as she kept it hushed from their ears. Happy B-Day Shyanne! *Please allow a short moment for the High Res images to load.

DRP-Shyanne Sepia-2769 copy DRP-Shyanne-2727 DRP-Shyanne-2741 DRP-Shyanne-2754 DRP-Shyanne-2755 DRP-Shyanne-2767 DRP-Shyanne-2793 DRP-Shyanne-2915 DRP-Shyanne-2930 DRP-Shyanne-2932 DRP-Shyanne-2934 DRP-Shyanne-2937 DRP-Shyanne-2948 DRP-Shyanne-2962 COLLAGE DRP-Shyanne-3006 DRP-Shyanne-3065 DRP-Shyanne-3071 DRP-Shyanne-3089 DRP-Shyanne-3110 DRP-Shyanne-3118 DRP-Shyanne-3125 DRP-Shyanne-3163 DRP-Shyanne-3167 DRP-Shyanne-3187 DRP-Shyanne-3192 DRP-Shyanne-3195 DRP-Shyanne-3199-3 ADS DRP-Shyanne-3199 DRP-Shyanne-3202 DRP-Shyanne-3203 DRP-Shyanne-3205 DRP-Shyanne-3207 DRP-Shyanne-3213 DRP-Shyanne-3214 DRP-Shyanne-3218 DRP-Shyanne-3223 DRP-Shyanne-3227 DRP-Shyanne-3262 DRP-Shyanne-3265 DRP-Shyanne-3270 DRP-Shyanne-3274 DRP-Shyanne-3276 DRP-Shyanne Sepia-3000 DRP-Shyanne Sepia-3026 DRP-Shyanne Sepia-3058

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