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The inner beauty of this young woman just radiates from her! Coral in these photos celebrates her achieving a A.S. in Psycology. It felt like just yesterday I was taking her High School Senior photos. Wow, how time flies! Coral is so determined and so full of promise! She is graduating in the top percentile, and will continue her studies. Enjoy these portraits of a wonder young lady!

Please allow a moment for the High Resolution images to appear.

dave-ramos-photo-Coral-1 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-2dave-ramos-photo-Coral-8 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-5 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-7
dave-ramos-photo-Coral-9 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-11 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-12 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-18 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-20 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-25 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-26 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-28 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-30 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-32 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-33 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-35 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-39 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-40 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-41 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-42 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-45 dave ramos photo-Coral-46 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-50 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-53 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-59 dave-ramos-photo-Coral-54

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