Lacey & Valentin

"Let no man separate what God has joined together." Lacey and Valentin come together in Holy Matrimony on this sunny spring day. Their celebration was one to remember as they were joined by family and friends. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime events that must be captured to enjoy for a lifetime. To book your event, contact Dave … Continue reading Lacey & Valentin

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Senior Portraits > Kendra

Kendra is a great young lady with such a bright future. These portraits were meant to display her gleaming inner beauty and her glowing personality. Photos by Dave Ramos © 2013. To book your session, or for details, Call or Text 806.584.2526.        

EVENTS > Art at the 25th Anniversary CareNet Banquet

Celebrating 25 years of courageous loyalty. What a privilige to have served capturing such an event, for a great cause of extending a hand to those who are in need! In these series of pictures, Artist Ginger Pearson Nelson paints a portrait representing the mission of CareNet during the banquet. Photos © Dave Ramos. For … Continue reading EVENTS > Art at the 25th Anniversary CareNet Banquet